Pushing an Application with Multiple Buildpacks

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This topic describes how developers can push an application with multiple buildpacks.

For more information about pushing applications to Cloud Foundry, see the Deploy an Application topic.

Specifying Buildpacks with the cf CLI

To push an application with multiple buildpacks using the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI), perform the following procedure:

  1. Ensure you are using the cf CLI v6.30.0+:
    $ cf version
    cf version 6.30.0+decf883fc.2017-09-01
    For more information about upgrading the cf CLI, see the Installing the cf CLI
  2. Push the application with the binary buildpack with the --no-start flag:

    $ cf push YOUR-APP --no-start -b binary_buildpack

  3. Upgrade the application to multiple buildpacks, and specify the buildpacks:


    Note: As of cf CLI release v6.30.0, the cf v3-push command is experimental and undocumented. We only recommend using this command for this single use case. It will be fully supported and documented in the near future.

    To see a list of available buildpacks, run cf buildpacks.

If you are using an application manifest, you cannot include the buildpack key or future pushes will not function properly.

For more information about using the cf CLI, see the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface topic.

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