Getting Started with Apps Manager

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Apps Manager is a web-based tool to help manage organizations, spaces, applications, services, and users. Apps Manager provides a visual interface for performing the following subset of functions available through the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI):

  • Orgs: You can create and manage orgs.
  • Spaces: You can create, manage, and delete spaces.
  • Apps: You can scale apps, bind apps to services, manage environment variables and routes, view logs and usage information, start and stop apps, and delete apps.
  • Services: You can bind services to apps, unbind services from apps, choose and edit service plans, and rename and delete service instances.
  • Users: You can invite new users, manage user roles, and delete users.

Understanding Permissions

Your ability to perform actions in Apps Manager depends on your user role.

The table below shows the relationship between specific org and space management actions and the non-Admin user roles who can perform them. A non-Admin user must be a member of the org and space to perform these actions.

Admin users can perform all of these actions using either the cf CLI or by logging into Apps Manager as an Org Manager, using the UAA Admin credentials.

Space Managers assign and remove users from spaces by setting and unsetting their roles within the space.

Action CLI command Org Manager Space Manager Org Auditor, Space Developer, or Space Auditor
Create an orgcreate-orgYesYesYes
Delete an orgdelete-orgNoNoNo
Rename an orgrename-orgYesNoNo
View org membersorg-usersYesYesYes
Assign user a role in orgset-org-roleYesNoNo
Remove org role from userunset-org-roleYesNoNo
View space membersspace-usersYesYesYes
Assign user a role in spaceset-space-roleYesYesNo
Remove space role from userunset-space-roleYesYesNo
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